Ukrainians have come out to Kyiv’s Maidan to protest President Zelenskiy’s decision to sign onto the Steinmeier Formula — a simplified version of the Minsk agreements — with Russia to try to end the war in Donbas. Crowd size always tough to judge, but 3,000+ seems fair.
For more on the controversy surrounding the Steinmeier Formula, see my story on it here:…
Walking around Maidan, prob more like 5k+ out here. Very civil. Hardly any far-right symbolism. Lots of ordinary folks reasonably concerned about solving war on terms favorable to Moscow. My thoughts: Steinmeier F doesn’t necessarily mean concession, but devil will be in details.
Fashionably late to today’s protest and wearing new coats (again!) are about 30 Azov National Corps guys. Besides them, very little political symbolism.

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