The CDC released a study of people who died of COVID-19 with the best first look at race, ethnicity & underlying conditions.

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The first conclusion you are drawn to is that this is dangerous for Hispanic & non-white (their term) populations under 65.

35% Hispanics who died were <65
30% Non-whites were <65
13% White, non-Hispanic were <65
A number of <65 people who die from COVID are taken by surprise.

8% died at home or in the ER.

Please pay attention to any symptoms.
Underlying medical conditions are a big factor but it surprised me how much they weren’t a factor as well.

-25% had no underlying conditions, including 17% of <65 deaths had no underlying condition.
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In order the underlying conditions found most frequently:
-Chronic kidney/ESRD
-Chronic lung
-Chronic liver
The illness duration was typically 9-10 days. The older the person the less likely were to be hospitalized, be in the ICU or on a vent.

1/2 of ppl under 65 were on a vent. Compared to 1/5 over 65.
Less than 1% of people are listed as having died at home. This likely points to what we understand is the dramatic under-counting of deaths.
COVID is killing non-white people earlier.

For people <65, the median age of a non-white person who died was 31. For white persons, it was 44 years.

Likewise of older people was 10 years than whites people.

Is the infection rate higher in communities of color or are death rates higher? Or both?
Are communities of color getting tested & diagnosed later? How much?
A number of younger people are dying without any pre-ex conditions. Why? Is prolonged exposure a factor?
We need to stop talking about averages. When we say “average,” what we really mean is “white people.”
The CDC needs to continue this work and along with other researchers answer these questions and others. ASAP. Lives depend on it.

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