I have spent the last three days speaking to almost every person I've seen on the streets in Kenosha and Racine and folks... I hate to break it to you... but nobody gives a shit about any of the scandals you're tweeting about
It is IMPOSSIBLE for me to describe how much they don't give a shit. It's like they give NEGATIVE shits.
There's this mentality on Twitter that's like "THIS one huge scandal will sink Trump with THIS group of voters" and I can conclusively report that this is bullshit
Here's why:

Many of the people who ~tweet about politics~ assume that voters behave according to a particular logic

Like: Trump insults women, therefore women will dislike Trump


Trump breaks the law, therefore "law and order" Rs will break from him
YOU THINK voter logic is like:

A > B > C >D

IN ACTUALITY, voter logic is more like:

A > Purple > Banana > 18
(this is true on both sides by the way, not just MAGA folks)
Also: the most pervasive bias in political coverage is not left vs. right it's "follows politics" vs. "doesn't follow politics"

By default, nearly everyone who covers politics falls into the "follows politics" category, which makes it really hard to understand people who don't
So a lot of people who think a lot about politics will be like WHAT ABOUT THE HATCH ACT and normal people are like... wtf are you talking about
Or politics people will be like "according to polls and modeling, if X% swing in Y direction then Z will happen" and normal people are like... whut
It's worth noting that man-on-the-street reporting is highly anecdotal! This is by no means a comprehensive analysis because it totally depends on who decides to talk to me.

But taken alongside polls and other data, it can be a helpful way to learn what's landing and what's not
One more point, re: EQ

A side effect of the data-fication of political expertise is that the people who can read polls are perceived to be smarter than the people who can read people.

So you have all these guys crunching numbers who aren't actually LISTENING to normal ppl
LISTENING means hearing what people are not saying as well as what they're saying.

LISTENING also means not ambushing voters like "but aren't you upset about X or Y?" or bullying them

LISTENING means making sure they feel like they're being heard and not judged
just saying there are a lot of politics dudes who love to talk and hate to listen

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