I left academia exactly two months ago.

And I just got a peer review request.

So, I have prepared a real, actual, big boy academic consulting contract, and have sent it to the accounting department of the journal.
This sets out the terms of our consulting arrangement: the cost, including a late payment penalty, the timeframe, the indemnities, etc., certifies that I am capable and in good standing to be able to do the work, and includes my obligations to my present employer.
'But it's academic service!'

(1) not an academic
(2) if it's in the 'public service' space, why does the agreement *specifically exclude* making the manuscript files and review reports (both mine and others) public assets?
(3) if I'm a volunteer, why do I have a timeframe...
which 100% requires me to prioritise this work over other paid work?
(4) they're a private for-profit company with large ownership by a publicly traded for-profit company - please understand that in *literally any other context* this is paid work.
This isn't radical. This is how commercial organisations conduct business. Them paying me to do this work is a cost that allows them to charge APCs upon acceptance. It's a textbook definition of an upfront cost. We pay the same to get components to manufacture devices.
... and anyway, I'm giving them a discount. My normal consulting rate would set an unsustainable precedent and I don't want to price this so other people can't get paid.
Additional: we employ consultants at @CipherSkin. Quite a few. They're very, very useful. And they get paid. I am on both sides of this equation now.

Further: this is not a BILL. This is a CONTRACT. I have not done the work then requested money. That is ridiculous and dishonest.
I am setting out the terms of my employment before beginning, which is generally how any employment terms anywhere for any reason are set out.
Further additional: if you want to see the contract, I'll have to redact some stuff and turn it into a template. I am of course happy to share it. If you reply to this tweet, I'll ensure you get a copy of it you can turn into a DocuSign or PDF form.

@CharlesOppenh, you asked.
Screw it, I don't have a Soundcloud, so let's start a movement.

If your company has a 2.5 billion topline, I want four hundred and fifty dollars to consult for you.

Full exposition and contract included here.


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