Number of patients needing intensive care for Covid-19 in France rising. Extraordinary difficult to have increasing community transmission among the young & less at risk & for that to not lead to increased transmission & illness in more vulnerable people…
Europe in new phase as go into autumn/winter. Critical reduce transmission all age groups,protect #HCW, vulnerable,higher risk individuals. Is possible-infection control,handwashing,masks,some physical distancing,T-T-I fully functional,local data & responses & critically trust.
An incredibly challenging balancing act of restarting education, economy, jobs & health. There are no easy solutions. Important observe & learn lessons from France & countries in Europe who may just be ~4 weeks ahead of UK.
An important graph. Inflexion point early July, mth or so after May Holiday & some lifting restrictions & messaging. Slow, but steady increase daily cases since. Yes some explained increased testing,not all. Very difficult contain transmission in one demographic or sector society

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