(short thread) Consider this possibility: Trump wants to be impeached.

He wants the spectacle. He wants the crisis. He thrives on spectacle and crisis.


Earlier in the month, I argued that Pelosi was playing Trump, trying to make him look silly.
1/ I said she was playing the game, and playing it right.

Other than welcoming the spectacle and crisis, why would Trump want to be impeached?

He gets to be the victim!
2/ Also he knows that the Senate will acquit, so he wants to get the whole thing over with. Once he's acquitted, he can declare himself exonerated.

If Congress keeps trying to get his taxes and other docs, he'll accuse them of going after him repeatedly, even after they lose.
3/ Impeachment will happen, people. But this isn't a sprint. You don't rush to a jury before you have the evidence.

Congress needs to be ready.

I agree with what @JoyceWhiteVance said today 👇twitter.com/JoyceWhiteVanc…
4/ A lot of people are comparing the situation to Nixon, pointing out that Nixon was popular, then his popularity sank as soon as impeachment hearings began.

The argument is this: The same will happen with Trump.

This argument is faulty. This is not the Nixon era.
5/ Nixon didn’t have Fox, Breitbart, or Infowars. John Dean suggested that if Nixon had Fox, he may have survived.

In fact, right wing media arose to prevent a similar fate from befalling future GOP leaders.

During the Nixon era, much of the white South was still Democratic.
6/ The great shift in party demographics wasn't yet complete. twitter.com/Teri_Kanefield…

Events are unfolding as they should.

I also agree with what one of my followers @eatbees said a few weeks ago.
7/ @eatbees said 👇

Yes, it's nerve wracking.

I also think the "impeach now" people should keep it up! Pressure is good!

But please don't slam the Democrats and create division among Trump critics. That helps Putin and Trump.

This is a good question. I rather sloppily in this thread smushed "impeachment" with "impeachment inquiry. They're different. twitter.com/TrumpRussiaBat…
However, the only difference I see between what Congress is now doing and an "impeachment inquiry" is that . . .
. . . an impeachment inquiry uses the "i" word, and now they're investigating while avoiding the "i" word.

If you don't think they're investigating full steam ahead, read the Mazar subpoena decision: cnn.com/2019/05/20/pol…

There are good reasons to postpone . . .
. . . use of the "I" word. See👇

(If people missed it, I approve of the "impeach now!" campaign. People voicing their opinion is democracy at work, and it's part of the "inexorable" march toward impeachment.)

Another good point.

Removal (not impeachment) would give us President Pence.

I'm not worried about pardons. The presidential pardon power doesn't reach state crimes, and the Trumps have boatloads of those, I'm sure. twitter.com/robcarlyle/sta…

But removing Trump. . .
. . . doesn't solve the underlying problems that brought us Trump.

Trump is a symptom not a disease.

Also, President Pence might be better, but I can't say that for sure.

Removing Pence before 2020 is not possible given the time constraints, so we'd stuck with him.
I think it depends on how it's done. "I disagree with what our leaders are doing, and I'm writing letters and marching to change their course," is different from "they are all corrupt." One is democracy in action. The other undermines democracy.
When Democracy is healthy, it doesn't matter if people say, "They are all corrupt."

But right now America is under attack from a Russian plot to undermine democracy, sow division, and cause people to lose faith in democracy.

In other words, right now, our democracy is fragile.
Prof. @timothysnyder says something similar. He said Trump takes it as his task to create a good story and pull everyone into it.

Trump doesn't distinguish fact from fiction. He literally lives in a world of his own creation. It's all a show.


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