Everything is a choice.
Yeah. A for sure.
Same joke. A or B?
A or B
A Early COVID jokes are so dated already
B sounds legit (confident they Trump isn’t seeing this)
For the kids. Yes, B really is in bad taste. Not endorsing Betsy’s books.
A Quantity over quality.
B So true so true
How is it that we have oldies already?
A definitely is funny. B I don’t know.
Math-y jokes
A Minnesotans love. B Minnesotans are like “I don’t get it.”
A Dad joke
B Mom joke
In poor taste?
Winning potential. A or B?
Subtle. Very subtle.
Too soon?
Hopefully this will seem very dated soon.
These will never get old. twitter.com/aslavitt/statu…
If you expected more from me tonight, I will take half the blame. But you also didn’t have to actually do anything these few minutes. And the pandemic is 2 minutes closer to being done.

If you do want substance, podcast drop on Biden-Harris plan Tmrw. Smarturl.it/inthebubble
Otherwise drop your own in here so we can procrastinate even longer. Please do smile when you need it. At least one of these had to be funny.
Before we had the word for meme what was the word we used for meme?

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