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Devi Sridhar
Questions I get from young people:
1. Am I immune from this virus? -> No, you are likely to have mild symptoms, but this is a nasty virus & you could face a long recovery. You don't want to get COVID- you could have an underlying health issues you don't know about. (1/n)
Adam Kucharski
What are the benefits/limitations of mass testing certain populations for SARS-CoV-2 regardless of symptoms? A thread... 1/
Baltimore Food Blogger
A thread of all the crab foods you can get in the Baltimore area! 🦀
Teri Kanefield
(Thread) The Future of the GOP: Part I

The GOP is on a collision course with time.

Its base of voters is aging and shrinking. The GOP has become a white grievance party fueled by fear-mongering right-wing media.

Meanwhile, the democratic coalition is expanding.
Remo Uherek
Kai-Fu Lee (@kaifulee) is the former president of Google China, an artificial intelligence expert, and venture capitalist.

He recently gave a talk, highlighting his key life lessons.

A summary 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
Dr Gaetan Burgio, MD, PhD.
A short update on #COVID19 in Australia. The short take today is the stage 4 lockdown continues at Melbourne as the number of daily cases declines but not as much as expected and according to modeling from Melbourne Uni -> Logical & good decision. A fair to go
Andy Slavitt @ 🏡
COVID Update September 6: This bug is beatable.

I talked to 3 lab directors, the FDA, 2 former FDA commish, 3 epis, 2 virologists & a senior White House scientist so I could give you a consensus on what we know. 1/
With the shutdown of hair salons amid COVID, I decided to allow my grey hair to grow out and embrace female aging. I had just enough confidence to make this decision, but not enough to know my value as a human being would not dissolve.
Elizabeth Yin
Friday AM thread on startup accelerators having previously run one for years:

1) Should you do an accelerator?

As always it depends...some considerations...
Charlotte Alter
I have spent the last three days speaking to almost every person I've seen on the streets in Kenosha and Racine and folks... I hate to break it to you... but nobody gives a shit about any of the scandals you're tweeting about
🏴James Heathers 🏴
I left academia exactly two months ago.

And I just got a peer review request.

So, I have prepared a real, actual, big boy academic consulting contract, and have sent it to the accounting department of the journal.
Mislav Marohnić
I needed to make a small change to my hobby Rails app I was maintaining since 2009. Web development is easy, so how hard could it be?

Famous last words, as it turns out. (thread)

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